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Nestled within the coastal beauty of Rosemary Beach, our community pools echo the town’s dedication to the pursuit of simple pleasures and cherishing every moment. Our four community pools, The Coquina Pool, Cabana Pool, Barbados Pool, and Sky Pool, are each far from ordinary. Artfully designed and created for the ultimate leisure, each of the four pools brings its own distinctive charm, seamlessly blending aesthetics with features that elevate your time in the water. Whether it’s the serenity of a negative-edge pool or the year-round warmth of an indoor haven, there’s something special awaiting every guest. Conveniently located for those vacationing in the area, these pools invite you to both revel in their design and savor the memories you create there. Dive in and discover the Rosemary Beach way of embracing both luxury and genuine enjoyment.

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Beach-side Bliss in Rosemary Beach

Tucked neatly alongside the pristine shores of Rosemary Beach, the Coquina Pool stands as a testament to luxury that’s both tasteful and tailored for tranquility. This beach-side gem offers a unique negative-edge design, allowing you to lounge in waters that seem to seamlessly merge with the horizon. One consistent depth across the pool ensures an uninterrupted experience, enhanced by the subtle elegance of overflow water cascading gently into discreet ground-level drains.

Perfectly situated close to the Eastern Green and mere moments from the breathtaking Gulf of Mexico, this pool is an ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and luxury. Whether it’s peaceful me-time or a romantic couples getaway you’re after, the Coquina Pool at Rosemary Beach awaits.

Hours & Details:

KEY FEATURES: Negative-edge design, beach-side

POOL HOURS: Open daily to residents and guests from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

LOCATION: Close to the Eastern Green




Mediterranean Elegance Meets Family Fun in Rosemary Beach

Situated park-side in the heart of Rosemary Beach, the Cabana Pool offers a vibrant fusion of Mediterranean charm and family-focused amenities. Its design reflects the warmth of Mediterranean architecture, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests of all ages. Parents and children alike will appreciate the thoughtful inclusions: cabana-style dressing rooms for added convenience, a dedicated children’s pool for young swimmers, and an adjacent playground to extend the fun beyond the water. For those looking to soak up some Florida sun, lounge in privacy with the Cabana Pool’s strategically placed sunbeds shielded by lush greenery.

Centrally located on the north side of 30A, the Cabana Pool stands out as a prime family destination, epitomizing the luxurious yet accessible vibe that Rosemary Beach pools are celebrated for.

Hours & Details:

KEY FEATURES: Mediterranean design, family-friendly

POOL HOURS: Open daily to residents and guests from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

LOCATION: Park-side, centrally located on the north side of 30A




Relaxation By Design in Rosemary Beach

Just steps away from Rosemary Beach’s vibrant Town Center, on the scenic south side of 30A, the Barbados Pool is a masterpiece born from artistic vision. Dreamed into existence by the celebrated architect Douglas Patrick Luke of Barbados, this pool beautifully encapsulates the French West Indies’ charm. With its striking copper roof, shaded loggia, and an exquisite stucco tower, each detail is meticulously crafted, culminating in a tranquil vestibule fountain. Beyond mere elegance and tranquility, the Barbados Pool offers a deliberately designed experience, making it a standout gem amidst the array of Rosemary Beach pools.

Hours & Details:

KEY FEATURES: A harmonious blend of French West Indies and Caribbean design

POOL HOURS: Open daily to residents and guests from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

LOCATION: Park-side, near Scenic 30A, west of the Town Center




A Haven for Year-Round Relaxation

The Sky Pool is not just another among the Rosemary Beach pools; it’s an all-season sanctuary awaiting your arrival. Whether you’re a snowbird seeking solace or a vacationer relishing the calm of the off-season, the Sky Pool is your haven. Positioned on the northeast side of the Rosemary Beach community, this pool showcases a smart motorized panel roof. This feature guarantees that guests can indulge in its comforts come rain or shine. With its heated waters and pool decking equipped with radiant heating, it provides warmth even during the colder months. For those keen on swimming, there are three individual lanes and an elongated built-in bench stands ready for those who prefer a more leisurely pool experience.

Hours & Details:

KEY FEATURES: All-season indoor heated pool with motorized panel roof and heated decking

POOL HOURS: Open daily to residents and guests from 6am to 10pm. Note: Adult Only Hours are from 6am – 9am & 8pm – 10pm.

LOCATION: Park-side, near the northeast section of Rosemary Beach




Rosemary Beach is more than just a vacation spot; it’s where luxury meets comfort in the most inviting way. Our pools, each with their unique designs and ambiance, are perfect examples of this harmonious blend. Whether you’re in the mood for the artful elegance of the Coquina or the year-round warmth of the Sky Pool, there’s something here for everyone. As you plan your visit, whether for a relaxing escape or a rejuvenating retreat, the pools of Rosemary Beach are ready to welcome you.

For an easy navigation experience, take a look at our Amenities and Rosemary Beach pools maps and get ready for an unforgettable stay.

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